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i know it’s a dark cave, and though it’s far from heaven…maybe this could be my haven.
Hey! I'm Thao!
This is a multi-fandom blog.
IDK why but I stan these idiots and losers
But my one and only love is this dork
(Sorry but I need to up date my blog, kekeke)
henry the byuntae

henry’s vitamins…/poor henry


don’t talk to strangers on the internet because they’re great and hot and funny and live miles away and highlight the lack of people in your daily life that you can tolerate


Favorite Characters from Summer 2014 Anime
↳ Tokyo Ghoul: Tsukiyama Shuu



Lucky Squid Studios has launched it’s very first Kickstarter!

Our goal is to fund our adorable plush known as the Fruitimals! 

To celebrate the event we are hosting a SHARE&CARE Giveaway! Fans on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter can enter by simply sharing this post!<3 

At the end of the campaign, November 20th 11:59pm EST, we will select THREE winners from each social media site! The winners will get to select a prize from the “Fruit Bar” prize tier!

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Thank you and GOOD LUCK!! 

get to know me meme: kpop edition
     ↳ [4/5] favorite female groups: 9MUSES


Biggest plot twist in history.


Riverbell themes